The time required to get healed after the closed rhinoplasty

Many people think that recovering from an open rhinoplasty takes longer than recovery from a closed rhinoplasty. But in reality it has been seen that the time required for recovery from either of the surgeries is more or less the same. Hence in no way is a closed rhinoplasty worse than an open rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty, much less trauma occurs to the different cartilages of the nose. In many cases it has been seen that surgeons get much better results in open operations than when a closed approach is used.

Whether a person uses closed rhinoplasty or open procedures, the patients usually require 1-2 weeks of rest from school or workplace after the operation has been done. The small incision which is made between the nostrils may be visible for certain duration of time before it begins to fade away. The redness which is prevalent after the operation can be very easily hidden with the help of a bit of makeup. The placement of the incision is such that it will be hardly visible to the people after the operation is over. The incision is mainly a concern for very tall people whom people literally look up to.